For Patients / Clients

  • Right to confidentiality
  • Right to second opinions
  • Right to decide upon best method of intervention or therapy, after being informed of benefits and risks associated with treatment (Informed consent)
  • Missed appointments can no longer be charged for as of January 2015
  • Right to redress
  • Are they registered with the HPCSA?
  • Are they affiliated with any other organisations?
  • What is their target population?
  • Do they follow the RPL system or have set rates that apply to all clients according to the Consumer Protection Act?
  • Have you signed a contract with them that protects both parties and outlines reasonable practice and expectations?
  • Do they practice in line with the Protection of Information Act?
  • If any of your rights has been violated you may complain.
  • This includes, but is not limited to, your rights, poor service delivery, billing and ethical misconduct.
  • To complain contact the professional directly, or the HPCSA.
  • OTASA’s role is to guide the professional. However, OTASA is concerned about the experience of the public and we would, therefore, like to hear your comments. Please note that OTASA cannot discipline or reward individuals based upon their service and professional conduct. The HPCSA’s role is to protect the public. See link to follow the complaints process